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Every year, untold numbers of slides are dumped on the street. Some are thrown away by uncaring stock houses, some are discarded after a new digital camera is bought, some are just lost in the shuffle during cleaning. Only with your help can they be reunited with their rightful owners. So please, if you know of someone who has lost a slide, we hope that you will tell them about us and our cause. You can make a difference.

Our resident slide-finder has an uncanny knack for finding 35 mm slides. A few words from her:

For 17 years, I have been finding slides. It all started when I threw my model-roommate’s possesions out the window because she moved to Paris and stuck me with the rent and phone bill. Later that week I found one of her headshot slides stuck in a Hostess Ding-Dong down the street. Feeling embarassed for her, I took it home.
Ever since then, I have noticed slides on the street. I guess the difference between me and most people is that I, stupidly, pick them up and carry a little bubonic plague or anthrax home with me. In this age of digital photography, I keep thinking that I’ll stop finding them, and maybe there are fewer these days, but I still find them. Sometimes just one, sometimes whole sleeves of them. I hope that my work rescuing them will be rewarded by being able to contact the owners, so that the slides can find their ways back to where they belong, happily ensconced in a little Kodak slide carousel. And hopefully, the vast audience of the internet will improve the chances of that actually happening. —F.S.

Much like the missionaries giving the Pagan babies Christian names, we give these found slides captions. The captions are purely our editorializing on the poor lost slides. If this is your slide and we have given it a caption that you don’t like, please forgive us.

And if one of these is yours, email us with the location and date lost (if known), any distinguishing characteristics, and we will return it, unharmed. Please reference which slide number you recognize in order to expedite.

P.S. This is not a joke! We are serious! These slides are really found! Honest!

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